Let the angels take their place

by Angel Unthinkable

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When I first listened to the song "For her" by Alex Tiuniaev I was just so amazed by it that I just had to do something with it. I sat down and stared at my wall for a minute and I was humming some lyrics and I thought I should just record this to see where it goes. When I pressed the record button my voice got louder and I almost became hypnotized. I just knew what it had to be, what I had to sing and the words came so light but heavy. Its the first time I actually cried because of the purity of the process and I honestly think its my best song so far although I have a special relationship with each single one of my tracks this one is until now my favorite. It does something with me each time I turn it on and that is for me what music is all about and I hope every one who listens to this song will feel the same as I felt while creating it. The music is just amazing and I think Alex Tiuniaev created a fantastic thing which will last forever.


I will not surrender myself
I wont let you down
I walk through the storms for you
I hold you longer than time does
I wont grave
I wont give in
I'm too full of life to let you slip from mine

Let the ghosts come
let the wind enter my home
I wont go
I wont go from your side
let the angels take their place next to mine
you're not going anywhere as long as I hold your hand

I wont fail you my love
I wont fail you
I never give you up
there is no place I rather be than here with you
there is no single thing that contains as much light as you
don't let me fall down
I can't be without you now
without you I don't know my name

Let the angels take their place
I will never let you fall
I wont go
I wont go
I 'll never go
I'll never ever go

you´re my home
you´re my home
you´re my everything
you´re where I belong
I won´t let you go


released March 28, 2014
Alex Tiuniaev




Angel Unthinkable Antwerp, Belgium

Angel Unthinkable a 19 year old Artist in love with the truth, the pain, the beauty, the despair and the bliss of the dream called; Life
She recently started singing which became besides the writing she has done since the age of twelve her greatest passion. She's a poet who reads shadows and paints them with different views music is the thing which allows her to dream bigger.
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